Why do you only offer pickup and delivery?

We think that your time, energy and gas is more valuable than extending your daily commute or wasting your weekday washing, drying and folding laundry. So we’ve created a way to have all your laundry cleaned without ever leaving your couch. Time is a fleeting resource and we think you should spend more of it doing what you really want to do, and laundry isn’t one of them. So say yes to more time with family, travelling, working, or maybe getting a little extra sleep for once.

Which areas do you serve in Bangkok?

You can check which areas we currently serve by this link: Service Area

Is it possible to directly bring my laundry to your place?

No, you can’t. We only offer pickup and delivery. (NO drop off location for customer who prefer to bring your laundry directly to our place.)

Moreover, please be careful for the fake location of DAD Laundry which provided from other websites!

How can I place an order?

Simply head over to  Just insert your information, choose an available time slot for pick-up and follow our instructions.

Can I order by phone / email / LINE?

Although we are always trying to find ways of simplifying our service, for the moment you can only place an order via our website only.

When will my laundry be collected?

We will collect your laundry according to your booking schedule of your order, however please check for available times on our website. In the order form simply ask what time you can leave your clothes with concierge / reception / juristic office at ground floor.

Do I have to be at the hotel / condo / my place for pick up and delivery?

It is not necessary to be present for pickup or delivery as long as we agree upon the method to receive/drop off your laundry – put your information on the bag also include message as “Send to DAD Laundry Service” and leave the bag with concierge / reception / juristic office at lobby.

Can you collect from a location and deliver to another?

Yes, we could do that for you, as long as the locations are inside our service area. Please contact us in advance at to arrange it.

How can I know when my clothes be delivered at my place?

We will definitely email to inform you after we delivered your laundry at your place.

Can I have my laundry to be ironed pressing?

Since 30 July 2018 onward, we DO NOT provide service for WASH-PRESSING-FOLD and PRESSING-FOLD. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Do you have “Same Day” service?

No, we don’t provide laundry service for same day. Apologize for this issue.

Can I include bed sheet and duvet cover in my wash-dry-fold order?

Yes, absolutely. Bed sheet and duvet cover can be included for wash-dry-fold service. In addition, comforter / duvet / blanket / mattress pad CANNOT include for wash-dry-fold service because we charge these items per piece and it takes 3 days for service turnaround.

Do you clean bed topper?

Sorry, we cannot clean bed topper because it’s bigger size than our machine.

More information, some comforter which has extra large size we may refused to clean it because it’s bigger size than our machine.

Do you clean curtains or can curtains be included with my wash-dry-fold order?

No, we DO NOT have cleaning service for curtains and also you CANNOT include curtains with wash-dry-fold order.

Can I include my shoes / sneakers for cleaning as wash-dry-fold order?

No, you CANNOT include the shoes / sneakers for wash-dry-fold order and also NO cleaning service for the shoes / sneakers as charged per piece. Because we DO NOT have cleaning service for every types of the shoes.

Do you charge additionally for separate washing?

Our standard for washing process – light and dark color will be washed separately each loads. The extra charge +50THB/Load will be applied automatically to your billing for the 3rd load onward. Thus, you can inform us about your laundry separation details by filling your special request into “Special request” field in the order form.


Do I need to separate my laundry?

Normally, our standard for washing process – light and dark color will be washed separately each loads. So, no need to do that.

Will my clothes be mixed with other customers?

No, never. Because we separately wash and dry clothes for each customers.

Can my clothes be dried by line up or hang dry?

No, we do not have line up or hang dry service. Normally, we use dryer machine for drying the clothes. Moreover, if we check that your clothes cannot dry by dryer machine, we will return those clothes by uncleaned.

Can you do hand washing for my clothes?

Sorry we do not provide hand washing service. Your clothes will be washed by washing machine.


I placed an order. What happens now?

We will send confirmation email – date / time pick up schedule. Our staff will come to collect your items, at the time requested.

Should I weigh the bag? (If I don’t have scale how can I do?)

There is no need to do that. Your clothes will be weighed at the facility, with professional scales before we wash it. Even more, we will attach photo of your weight in the billing and email you.

How much is the weight for clothes in hotel’s laundry bag or plastic bag

✔ About 3-4 kilogram for full of clothes in hotel’s laundry bag.
✔ About 2-3 Kilogram for full of clothes in standard size for grocery plastic bag.

I accidentally missed a collection/delivery. What now?

Don’t worry. If you can not be reached by our driver, please contact customer support by email to to arrange a new collection/delivery. Please have in mind that extra charge for delivery will be applicable and we will request you to pay the
extra charge for delivery before rearrange delivery schedule.

Can I reschedule my order?

Absolutely. You may change the time slot, if the request is made with minimum 2 hours before collection/delivery – free of charge.

How can I cancel an order?

Please contact customer support at to cancel your order. All cancellations up to 2 hours before the chosen collection/delivery time slot are free of charge. However, if you cancel an order less than two hours before a scheduled collection/delivery, a cancellation fee of will be applicable.


What are your price?

Just click this link to see  our pricing: Our Service

How can I pay?

Firstly, select the bottom of the order form which you are interested in. There are 2 options of payment method – online payment and cash.

Banking transfer payment:
✔ We’ll email the invoice and our bank account# to customer for the payment later. (Customer can pay thru the bank counters, ATM-kiosks or Mobile Banking App. in Thailand to transfer money our bank account.) Please note, we are a prepaid service so payment should be made in advance, not during or after delivery.

Cash payment:
Kindly leave CASH inside the envelope and put inside your laundry bag before leave it with the receptionist of your Hotel/Place. You should leave money more than enough (Laundry service charge + Pickup&Delivery charge). Ex. ฿500, ฿1000, ฿2000 etc. Your change will be returned when delivery.


When can I reach customer support?

Our team will gladly answer all your queries either by email at

I cannot find the answers…

No worried. Our team will gladly to assist you.